Big Data: an exploration of research, technologies and application cases

Emilcy J. Hernández Leal, Néstor D. Duque Méndez, Julián Moreno Cadavid


Big Data has become a worldwide trend and although still lacks a scientific or academic consensual concept, every day it portends greater market growth that surrounds and the associated research areas. This paper reports a systematic review of the literature on Big Data considering a state of the art about techniques and technologies associated with Big Data, which include capture, processing, analysis and data visualization. The characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for some applications and Big Data models that include support mainly for modeling, analysis, and data mining are explored. Likewise, some of the future trends for the development of Big Data are introduced by basic aspects, scope, and importance of each one. The methodology used for exploration involves the application of two strategies, the first corresponds to a scientometric analysis and the second corresponds to a categorization of documents through a web tool to support the process of literature review. As results, a summary and conclusions about the subject are generated and possible scenarios arise for research work in the field.


Image-guided surgery, optical tracking, error, uncertainty, acrylic phantom, metrology.

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