Fuzzy control of an inverted pendulum Driven by a reaction wheel using a trajectory tracking scheme

Víctor Daniel Correa Ramírez, Didier Giraldo Buitrago, Andrés Escobar Mejía


In this work, the design of a Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy controller with a trajectory-tracking scheme for the reaction wheel pendulum is presented. By using the nonlinear state-space model, the system’s operating points are defined, then, the sector nonlinearity method is applied to obtain a linearized model of the system in order to implement linear local regulators. Once the reduced linearized models are obtained, and based on the desired closed loop response, local regulators are designed to generate the global control signal. This signal comprises two terms: The regulat


Péndulo con rueda de reacción, no-linealidad sectorial, control difuso Takagi-Sugeno, compensación distribuida paralela, seguimiento de trayectoria.

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