Cellular Proteases as Cancer Biomarkers: A Review

Sarah R. Röthlisberger, Fabián M. Cortes


Over the past few decades a variety of biomolecules have been proposed as diagnostic biomarkers and predictors of severity for transmissible and nontransmissible diseases. Studies in a range of cancers have revealed many biomarkers with great potential in cancer diagnosis, in establishing tumor stage, progression, and response to therapies; such as the Kallikrein and Metalloproteinase families. Traditionally blood (serum) and tissue have been the main biological sources of biomarker discovery, but in the past decade urine has emerged as a promising source of cancer biomarkers. In this review we will focus on two large families, the Kallikrein family of serine proteases discovered in serum, and the Metalloproteinase family of zinc proteases discovered in urine, as potential cancer biomarkers.


Cancer biomarkers; gene; kallikreins; metalloproteinases; protein.

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