Influence of Compaction Temperature on Resistance Under Monotonic Loading of Crumb-Rubber Modified Hot-Mix Asphalts

Hugo A. Rondón-Quintana, Yennifer Molano-Mora, Angélica M. Tenjo-Lancheros


The influence of compaction temperature on resistance under monotonic loading (Marshall) of Crumb-Rubber Modified (CRM) Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) was evaluated. The emphasis of this study was the application in Bogotá D.C. (Colombia). In this city the compaction temperature of HMA mixtures decreases, compared to the optimum, in about 30°C. Two asphalt cements (AC 60-70 and AC 80-100) were modified. Two particle sizes distribution curve were used. The compaction temperatures used were 120, 130, 140 and 150°C. The decrease of the compaction temperature produces a small decrease in resistance under monotonic loading of the modified mixtures tested. Mixtures without CRM undergo a lineal decrease in its resistance of up to 34%.


Asphalt mixture; modified asphalt; CRM; compaction temperature; resistance under monotonic loading

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