Modeling and Parameter Estimation of a Small Wind Generation System

Carlos A. Ramírez Gómez, Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes, Carlos A. Ramos-Paja


The modeling and parameter estimation of a small wind generation system is presented in this paper. The system consists of a wind turbine, a permanent magnet synchronous generator, a three phase rectifier, and a direct current load. In order to estimate the parameters wind speed data are registered in a weather station located in the Fraternidad Campus at ITM. Wind speed data were applied to a reference model programed with PSIM software. From that simulation, variables were registered to estimate the parameters. The wind generation system model together with the estimated parameters is an excellent representation of the detailed model, but the estimated model offers a higher flexibility than the programed model in PSIM software.


Wind turbine; permanent magnet synchronous generator; reduced model; parameter estimation.

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