Power Quality Indices Estimation Platform

Eliana I. Arango-Zuluaga, Juan C. González-Escudero, Miguel F. Garcia-Gómez, Carlos A. Jaramillo-Méndez, Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes


An interactive platform for estimating the quality indices in single phase electric power systems is presented. It meets the IEEE 1459-2010 standard recommendations. The platform was developed in order to support teaching and research activities in electric power quality. The platform estimates the power quality indices from voltage and current signals using three different algorithms based on fast Fourier transform (FFT), wavelet packet transform (WPT) and least squares method. The results show that the algorithms implemented are efficient for estimating the quality indices of the power and the platform can be used according to the objectives established.



Power quality; least squares method; signal processing; fast Fourier transform; wavelet packet transform.

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