Speech Subvocal Signal Processing using Packet Wavelet and Neuronal Network

Luis E. Mendoza, Jesus Peña, Luis A. Muñoz-Bedoya, Hernando J. Velandia-Villamizar


This paper presents the results obtained from the recording, processing and classification of words in the Spanish language by means of the analysis of subvocal speech signals. The processed database has six words (forward, backward, right, left, start and stop). In this work, the signals were sensed with surface electrodes placed on the surface of the throat and acquired with a sampling frequency of 50 kHz. The signal conditioning consisted in: the location of area of interest using energy analysis, and filtering using Discrete Wavelet Transform. Finally, the feature extraction was made in the time-frequency domain using Wavelet Packet and statistical techniques for windowing. The classification was carried out with a backpropagation neural network whose training was performed with 70% of the database obtained. The correct classification rate was 75%±2.


Electromyography; subvocal speech; wavelet packet; neuronal networks.

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