Dimensioning of Photovoltaic Generation Systems Located in Medellin City

Laura Herrera, Eliana I. Arango-Zuluaga, Alina Miranda, Carlos A. Ramos-Paja, Daniel González-Montoya


Photovoltaic systems are one of the most efficient solutions to the energy crisis of the last decades. The implementation of these systems will be economically feasible in most cases, due to extensive number of advantages that they exhibit. However, for the sake of better economic performance, it is important to generate different strategies for their management. This paper presents an optimization strategy based on the redistribution of power generated, which seeks to stop spending as it is produced to take advantage of those times when energy rates are higher, making use of a storage system. The steps for the photovoltaic system design with these criteria and economic analysis will be presented.


Renewable energy; photovoltaic panels; storage system; energy rate; profitability.

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