Computation of Low Frequency Electric Field Generation System for Analysis of Induced Signals in In-Vitro Cultured Cells

Jenniffer Zapata-Giraldo, María E. Moncada-Acevedo, Adolfo Escobar-Ordoñez


Various modeling and simulation studies about cellular systems reactions and human exposure to external electric fields, have established exposure thresholds, therapeutic application ranges, and different levels of experimental variables in order to use in different pathologies and characterization of physio-electric mechanisms. In this work, we developed a 3D computational model that consists of an electric field source and cell content deposited in a Falcom plate. The model considered the geometries, properties, meshing, simulation conditions, and type of results analysis. The development was performed in the ANSYS® software and it allowed estimate the behavior of the induced current density in cell cultures from various stimulation conditions. The developed model and the results are supportive of the estimation and prediction of the electrical signal induced in cells with which to associate a biological response.


Computational model; parallel electrodes; electrical variables induced; electric stimulation.

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