Filters at Microwaves Frequencies with Double Confocal Elliptical Ring Resonator

Samuel Á. Jaramillo-Flórez


This work describes the results of computational simulations and measurement of a multiband filter using double elliptical ring resonator excited by coplanar slot line waveguide for the design of microwave filters in RF communications systems. By means of the equation of optics, the dimensions of materials that fill the dielectric resonators can be found. Two novels multiple filters with low insertion loss are proposed and fabricated. These filters are composed of a cell of double elliptical ring resonator and a section of coupled lines. There is good agreement between the simulated and experimental results. A value computational calculus of scattering S11 and S21 of elliptical coupled resonators is made and measured, and the possible uses in microwave filters are discussed.


Elliptical resonator; microstrip filters; microwaves filters; printed circuits; resonators filters; scattering parameters.

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