A Quarter Ellipse Microstrip Resonator for Filters in Microwave Frequencies

Samuel Á. Jaramillo-Flórez, Sebastian Ramírez-Macías


This work describes the results of computational simulations and construction of quadrant elliptical resonators excited by coplanar slot line waveguide for designing microwave filters in RF communications systems. By means of the equation of optics, are explained the fundamentals of these geometry of resonators proposed. Are described the construction of quadrant elliptical resonators, one of microstrip and other two of cavity, of size different, and an array of four quadrant elliptical resonators in cascade. The results of the measures and the computational calculus of scattering S11 and S21 of elliptical resonators is made for to identify the resonant frequencies of the resonators studied, proving that these have performance in frequency as complete ellipses by the image effect due to their two mirror in both semiaxis, occupying less area, and the possible applications are discussed.


Elliptical resonator; microstrip filters; microwaves filters; printed circuits; resonators filters; scattering parameters.

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