Implementation of real-time digital filter for the R wave detection

Javier E. González-Barajas, Cristian Velandia-Cárdenas, Johann Nieto-Camacho


Quantification of the instantaneous heart rate is based on the detection of the R wave of the electrocardiographic signal. This process requires the implementation of strategies for real-time filtering for the time of occurrence of each R wave. Various mathematical techniques have been implemented for the detection of the R wave and these require digital systems with high performance computing. At present, there are opportunities to implement filtering strategies in low-cost devices in real time. The principal goal of this paper is to present the results obtained by implementing a real-time digital filter for the detection of the R wave of the ECG signal. The implemented strategy is based on the averaging and derived filters theory, which have been implemented on an ARM programmable device and open hardware. The filtering system provides a binary signal indicating the occurrence of the R wave and is input to a system for quantifying the instantaneous heart rate. The results in this paper are the basis for the implementation of a system for the quantification of heart rate in real time, which is presented the step of detecting R-wave.


R wave; complex cardiac; digital filter; real time; averaging.

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