A phantom-based study for assessing the error and uncertainty of a neuronavigation system

Natalia Izquierdo Cifuentes, Genaro Daza Santacoloma, Walter Serna Serna


This document describes a calibration protocol with the intention to introduce a guide to standardize the metrological vocabulary among manufacturers of image-guided surgery systems. Two stages were developed to measure the errors and estimate the uncertainty of a neuronavigator in different situations, on the first one it was determined a mechanical error on a virtual model of an acrylic phantom, on the second it was determined a coordinate error on the computerized axial tomography scan of the same phantom. Ten standard coordinates of the phantom were compared with the coordinates generated by the NeuroCPS. After measurement model was established, there were identified the sources of uncertainty and the data was processed according the guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement.


Image-guided surgery; optical tracking; error; uncertainty; acrylic phantom; metrology.

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