Vol.21, Núm.42 (2018): mayo-agosto

Table of Contents

Advances in Power and Energy Systems PDF
Carlos A. Ramos-Paja, Daniel González-Montoya, Adriana Trejos-Grisales, Sergio I. Serna-Garcés 9-11

Reflection Article

Integration of distributed energy resources in isolated microgrids: the Colombian paradigm PDF
Dahiana López-García, Adriana Arango-Manrique, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero 13-30

Research Papers

Transmission network expansion planning considering weighted transmission loading relief nodal indexes PDF
Sergio D. Saldarriaga-Zuluaga, Jesús M. López-Lezama, Fernando Villada-Duque 31-50
Implementation of an analytical formulation for LEMP to assess the lightning performance of a distribution line PDF
Edison Andrés Soto-Ríos, Ernesto Pérez-González 51-62
Secondary voltage regulation based on average voltage control PDF
Edwin H. Lopera-Mazo, Jairo Espinosa 63-78
Experimental characterization of compact fluorescent lamps for harmonic analysis of power distribution systems PDF
Andrés C. Henao-Muñoz, Javier G. Herrera-Murcia, Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes 79-94
Quasi-switched inverter using space vector pulse width modulation with triangular comparison for photovoltaic applications PDF
Iván F. Moran, José A. Restrepo, Martha L. Orozco-Gutierrez, José M. Ramirez-Scarpetta 95-110
Electricity generation potential from solid waste in three Colombian municipalities PDF
Santiago Alzate-Arias, Bonie Restrepo-Cuestas, Álvaro Jaramillo-Duque 111-128
Photovoltaic battery charger with sliding mode control and charging current derivative limitation PDF (Español)
Carlos A. Ramos-Paja, Andrés J. Saavedra-Montes, Juan D. Bastidas-Rodríguez 129-145
Numerical and experimental validation with bifurcation diagrams for a controlled DC–DC converter with quasi-sliding control PDF
Fredy E. Hoyos, John E. Candelo, Nicolás Toro 147-167
Island operation capability in the Colombian electrical market: a promising ancillary service of distributed energy resources PDF
Juan D. Marín-Jiménez, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero, Josep M. Guerrero-zapata 169-185
Treatment of laboratory wastes by heterogeneous photocatalysis with TiO2 PDF (Español)
Carlos F. Granda-Ramírez, Gina M. Hincapié-Mejía, Stephanía Lopera-Uribe 187-197
Model for automatic detection of lexical-syntactic errors in texts written in Spanish PDF (Español)
María D. Bustamante-Rodríguez, Alberto A. Piedrahita-Ospina, Iliana M. Ramírez-Velásquez 199-209
Evaluation and comparison of techniques for reconstructing the point spread function of images blurred by uniform linear motion PDF (Español)
Jimmy A. Cortes-Osorio, Cristian D. Lopez-Robayo, Nathalia Hernández-Betancourt 211-229

Review Article

Evaluation and implementation of measurement uncertainty for determining stationary source emissions: a review PDF (Español)
Jhon J. Cárdenas-Monsalve, Andrés F. Ramírez-Barrera, Edilson Delgado-Trejos 231-244

ISSN: 2256-5337